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Monday's Montage Mantlepiece: All Together Now

Title: All Together Now
Genre: Erotica, Adult Fiction
Release Date: May 2012
Sharing Adam by Madelynne Ellis 
When Becca Caine happens upon her husband, Elliot, enjoying an erotic clinch with a darkly attractive man named Adam, she’s both hurt by his infidelity and left uncomfortably aroused. However, the more she learns about her husband’s homoerotic past encounters, the more desirous she becomes to see the two men make love. Despite the risk to their marriage, Becca persuades Elliot to arrange such a tryst with Adam. Seeing them make out may well be the hottest thing she’s ever seen, but what happens when Adam discovers her and invites her to join in?

Private Investigation by Fleur T Reid 
In another London, not entirely like our own, Miss Elizabeth James is one of the new Victorian working women.She answers an advertisement placed by inventor John Dermott for someone to bring order to the life of his companion, flamboyant private detective Lucien Doyle.She can sort out the shocking state of his paperwork, but the weird contraptions and unexpected explosions weren’t on the curriculum at the Metropolitan School for Shorthand. And while she can type, file and take dictation, she didn’t expect to have to take a string of apparently motiveless murders in her stride. She’s an expert at finding lost files, but how does one deal with the lost souls of the bewildered dead? Lilly’s life becomes even more confusing when she discovers that Lucien and John plan to do a bit of very private investigating-of her person.
***Warning: This book contains a scene of voyeurism, where peeping through keyholes gets our budding detective more than she expects.***

The Perfect Third by Morticia Knight 
Alexa is young, sexy and single in New York. She’s also alone. But she doesn’t want to date any more of the stuffy men she meets through her job at the law firm—she needs some excitement. When she meets hunky Lorne, a film score composer, at a premiere after-party, she can’t believe her luck when he asks her out. After an incredibly hot night of sex, when it seems that this is just the relationship she’s been waiting for, things inexplicably cool down. Does his best friend and roommate, the dangerously handsome Antony, have anything to do with it?One night the truth of Lorne and Antony’s relationship is revealed to Alexa, and she has a difficult choice to make. Is she willing to just let go and become their perfect third?
***Warning: This book contains anal penetration, sex toys and BDSM.***

Country Hearts by Nan Comargue 
Isabel Morgan’s experiment with city life is done. Her live-in boyfriend has just left her for a younger, more virginal model, and she finds herself in need of rescuing from the least likely of sources—the two rough cowboys she grew up with. Her ex-boyfriend made Isabel feel oversexed just because she wanted to fuck all the time, in fact it’s one of the reasons they grew apart, but the Armstrongs soon show how much they value her reappe.

The Triumvirate’s Consort by Shannon Peters
Evie Flint is feeling underappreciated in her professional life, and just a tad lonely in her personal life — but getting kidnapped by three gorgeous alien hunks who claim she’s their missing betrothed is not the solution she was looking for. Dane, Taz and Cort are surprised by their resistant consort and employ all their powers of persuasion in order to convince their woman to take them as partners. Evie has to decide — can she take them all?
***Warning: This book contains ménage or more sex, including — but not limited to M/M/M and F/F/F, M/F/MM and any other combination you can think of.***

The Dare by Jordyn McKenzie
It’s the final night of a weekend camping trip with a group of childhood friends. They are recent college grads, about to move forward to the next stages of their lives. What better way to end that chapter of youth and revelry than with one last weekend spent with your closest friends?But for Alexis, the events of that final evening cause her world to veer in an unexpected direction. What should have been a harmless game of Truth or Dare leads to an experience unlike any she has ever had before. The lines of friendship blurred and dormant desires awakened, Alexis faces a dare that will change her life forever. Torn between feeling shame and utter gratification, she must now decide whether to be led by her conscience or her heart.
***Warning: This book contains references to underage sex.***

Sharing Adam by Madelynne Ellis
Becca had once seen lightning strike. The bolt had hit the pavement right in front of her feet and dispersed into the earth, its passage unremarked upon save in the fraying of her nerves and the knowledge that she'd just escaped a life—altering event.

She'd never hoped to survive it, let alone expected to face the same situation twice. But then she'd never expected to find her husband pinned in the shadows by a raven—haired vixen.

Their friends' wedding had passed unremarkably, as most did after the vows were said and the drinks began to flow, until that moment when she left the ladies and glimpsed Elliot a few feet away, embracing somebody else. He wasn't even being particularly circumspect about it, given that a deep alcove lay to his rear and yet he stood under the light adjacent to the cloakroom door.

Becca braced herself behind a marble column, terrified of being seen, though she wasn't in the wrong. What had possessed him? She risked another glimpse.

As the breath squeezed from her lungs and culminated in a cough, Elliot made a half—hearted attempt to peel the pale hand off his arse.

"Not cool, dude," he chastised, giving Becca her first hint that she wasn't dealing with what she'd originally thought. "My wife—"

"Can't give you what I can give you." The deep rumbling purr confirmed it. Not a vixen, but a viper. One of the ushers—a man she recognised from the overly zealous exchange he'd shared with Elliot on the way into the reception. Maybe that ought to have set off alarm bells, but folks met up at weddings who hadn't seen one another in years. Emotions tended to run a little high, and Elliot's response, a firm pat on the back, hadn't given her cause for concern.

The guy released his grip on Elliot's iron—like buns, only to make a grab for the ridge of his cock beneath his trouser fly.

"Bet she doesn't even know how you swing. Probably be horrified to know how much a little rear—door action turns you on."

Damn, if that wasn't a truth that hurt more than this little tableaux. Not the last part—she knew Elliot well enough to know he enjoyed a little exploration in that region—but the not knowing that his interests ran to other men. That was a little hard to swallow.

"Who said it does, any more?" Elliot said. The slight bristle to his words and the stiffening of his shoulders made no impression upon his pursuer.

"Your cock dancing about behind your fly desperate to get out says so."

She didn't need to see the ridge of Elliot's erection to know that it was true. The guy's large hand spanned the whole length of Elliot's imprisoned cock, while the curve of his index finger and thumb provided an extra pinch of encouragement. A softness infused Elliot's gaze, coupled with a slackness of his jaw that spoke of intense delight.

Private Investigation by Fleur T Reid
Miss Elizabeth James upset her cup and swore in a most unladylike fashion as hot tea splattered her hand and wrist and soaked into that morning's copy of The Times, obliterating the advertisement for Professor Mainwaring's Patented Nerve Tonic. It was her own fault of course—she had been trying to breakfast and gloat at the same time. She had graduated from the Metropolitan School for Shorthand in Chancery Lane, and what's more she had graduated top of her class in typing, shorthand, filing and arithmetic. And she had been the only girl in the class to master the stencillographic oscillator—a complicated clockwork device that transcribed dictation, although sometimes the spelling was a little suspect.

She sucked her burnt fingers. She was so happy and distracted that she had already spooned marmalade into her tea and tried to sip her toast. As one of London's new Typewriter Girls, she would be able to find work as a secretary or an author's assistant. Even as a copying clerk for a government official. Although perhaps not that last. To become a typist in a government department, a girl had to be at least five feet in height without boots or shoes. Lilly might just squeak through under that requirement if the person doing the measuring was lax with her tape measure and counted her rather wild, frizzy hair. Still, she had a whole world of options open to her—all perfectly genteel. Given that these days girls were running off to be explorers and fly dirigibles and goodness knows what else, she felt practically prim and proper in her choice of career.

The five guinea fee had been a struggle. She had managed to scrape her rent together, but had subsisted during the course of her training mainly on the breakfast of toast and tea her landlady grudgingly provided each day. But now she was a professional woman, and could expect to earn anywhere between fifteen shillings and two or three pounds a week.

She mopped ineffectually at the spilt tea with her handkerchief, and sighed. Perhaps she might even be able to move to lodgings where the taps didn't scream and clank and dispense brown, brackish water, where the bed wasn't lumpy with a spring that dug into the small of her back no matter how she tossed and turned, and where the landlady didn't look at her with chilly disapprobation every time their paths crossed.

Mrs Langley did not approve of working women—but then Mrs Langley did not much approve of anything. A skinny, middle—aged woman with a pointed, rather red nose that she enjoyed poking into other people's business, she had lost her husband after twenty years of childless marriage—which was probably something of a relief to the poor man, since it meant he could finally get some peace. Except, of course, he couldn't—every Thursday evening at six o' clock, Mrs Langley trotted off in her respectable coat and her sensible button boots with her capacious handbag tucked under her arm to visit the shade of her late, lamented husband at Doctor Moriarty Caine's House of Spiritual Solace. When she got a message from the other side, she came back in good humour. When no message was forthcoming, she was even more officious and sour—faced than usual.

The Perfect Third by Morticia Knight
Alexa Wharton unsnapped the front of her deep purple, lacy, push—up bra and let it fall to the floor. With the last bit of clothing off her body, she inspected herself in the full—length antique mirror in her bedroom. Her round, heavy breasts hung beautifully, her large pink nipples peaked from the slight chill in the room. As she continued looking down her body, she smiled in satisfaction at how her Pilates and yoga classes had helped to shape her torso into a lean, but still feminine form. Slightly curved hips, a flat tummy and a perky ass with long legs made her any man's dream.

Yet, she was alone. She pulled her long, brunette curls into a ponytail that fell to the middle of her back, and scrunched up her slightly upturned nose in the mirror. She was almost twenty—five years old, a quarter of a century. What a thought that was. It was getting scary to think that someone who was as sensual as she was could be this hopeless when it came to finding a deep love and real pleasure in her life.

Perhaps it was time to take the proverbial bull by the horns, or at least his horn as it were, and really make something happen. She had always been attractive enough that having to go after a man hadn't been a problem—many had approached her. The guys in her law firm in the financial district of downtown New York City never hesitated to come on to her. But she needed to remain professional, while having a social life. So she made do with meeting potential dates at attorney get—togethers where there were men from other firms. She wasn't much of a bar scene girl, and most of her friends were already in committed relationships.

Throwing on her cream silk robe, she went into the living room of her Soho apartment and opened her laptop. Internet sources might be a possibility. She wasn't quite ready for an e—date service, but maybe some ideas on the latest hot clubs, or she could look into joining a social group. This is pathetic. What sort of lame social group was she going to join? The same old business—minded, straight—laced men were not what she wanted. She had always fantasised about being with a wild and uninhibited male who would open up her mind and body to all manner of erotic thrills. She wanted a bawdy man with staying power. Someone creative and daring, who was ready to turn her on over and over again, all night long. I wouldn't say no to a huge dick either.

Just then her desk phone rang, and she jumped, abruptly torn from her sexual reverie. It was Jill, a very upwardly mobile colleague at her firm who loved to party, but could still negotiate the finer points of a business contract on only three hours of sleep. She was a tall and lanky temptress with a short, red bob who could literally charm the pants off any man.

"Hey, hot stuff," she cooed into the phone. "What are you doing at home at eight p.m. on a Saturday night, you naughty thing? Or should I say, you not very naughty thing?"

"Ha! I suppose I should ask you the same. You are the one calling me, after all, and I don't hear the customary laughter and clinking glasses in the background. Nor do I hear any dance beats, so you can't be at a club. Don't tell me you're losing your touch..."

Country Hearts by Nan Comargue
Isabel stood, hands on her hips, and looked over her empty apartment.

From the hall, a deep voice asked, "You ready?"

She had to swallow hard before she could answer. "Just give me a minute. Please."

Isabel heard his footsteps clattering back down the stairs and after that, she was alone with her memories.

For four years, she'd laughed and cried within these thin walls, listening to her neighbours laugh over their joys and cry over their frustrations. Lately all they must have heard from her unit were tears. Angry, bitter sobs over the man who had recently moved out. He was moving on, Jason had told her, as if she was an accident scene that had momentarily snarled up the smooth traffic of his life.

Damn him.

They'd only lived together for the past eight months, but already his personality had sunk itself into the furniture she'd packed away for shipping on to his mother's. He hadn't even wanted to give her his new address. Probably because it was her address, too. The other woman. His new woman. Which probably made Isabel the other woman now.

Damn him. Damn them both.

Jason hadn't thought to help Isabel pack either, and had left it to her and whatever help she could rustle up. There had been a lot of possessions to move, mostly the recent and expensive accumulations from Jason's side of the apartment, consisting of a state—of—the—art stereo system and brand new television set. They'd cost a big chunk of his last bonus from work, yet the people she'd asked to assist her with the task of emptying out the apartment hadn't seemed impressed. The magazines she'd thrown into the recycling bin behind the building were mostly his business journals. The books on his side of the bookcase were all about money and power. She'd seen her helpers grimacing as they'd pulled them down from the shelves. Between them, the two men who were helping to move her out of her apartment had enough wealth to buy and sell any of the partners at Jason's investment firm, but they'd never cared about the influence and clout Jason craved most of all.

Isabel had folded away the T—shirts he'd left in the drawers after taking only the newest designer versions and the jeans he rarely wore anymore since his promotion twelve weeks ago. They reminded her of the Jason she'd fallen in love with, a Jason whose dreams were still to be fulfilled. Now that he was realising them, he was a different man. Not cold, exactly, but distant. His affections were kept for material things now. Even the woman, she'd heard, was—

No, she wouldn't think about the other woman.

The Triumvirate's Consort by Shannon Peters
"He's still watching you. They're all still watching you."

"Evangeline Flint frowned at her girlfriend Melissa. "I don't care. I'm not here to pick up. I have to be back at work in fifteen minutes." She sipped from her straw. She was on to her second scotch, and it still wasn't going to be enough anaesthesia for the coming afternoon's budget meeting.

"C'mon, Evie, live a little," Melissa urged as she put her wine glass on the table. "They're definitely interested."

"How can you tell? They're all wearing sunglasses." Inside a pub. On a dark and gloomy afternoon. Go figure. Yet they didn't look ridiculous. They looked—well, hot.

"He's obviously into you. He and his friends have been staring at us—you, for over half an hour."

"And that's exactly why she wanted to run back to work. She wasn't the blonde nympho type that Melissa was, or the hot—man magnet that their other friend, Paris, was. She was Evie. Tall, dark, blend—into—the—background Evie. She made the effort to disappear in a crowd, and, at six foot, she was used to some stares, but only because of her above—average height. She never attracted any other kind of attention, and didn't know what to do with it when she did. They were looking at her. Staring—at her. Her nipples peaked in her lacy bra. She'd checked the men out, too, but hopefully nowhere near as obviously.

"Evie glanced surreptitiously over her shoulder at the gentlemen at the bar. They stood out like construction workers at a tea party. Three of them, all tall, broad—shouldered and lean—hipped, with expensive sunglasses masking their eyes. The one with the dark hair kept drawing her gaze. She wished she could see him clearly. His curly dark hair brushed the collar of his shirt and should have looked scruffy, but instead it looked rumpled and sexy, begging for a lover's touch.

"At that moment he looked up from the conversation he was having with his blond companions, and met her gaze. He nodded at her, and Evie blushed as she looked quickly away. Hoo—yeah. He was gorgeous. Like a model from a Polo Ralph Lauren advertisement. No, make that a Calvin Klein advertisement; at least then he'd be near—naked.

"I have to go, Mel. Baxter wants to do a quarterly review. I shouldn't be late."

"Baxter wants to do you, Evie. Anyone else in the department can look after that report. Why do you think he's always trying to get you to work back late?"

The Dare by Jordyn McKenzie
I sat staring into the fading orange—to—blue flames as they glowed from the remnants of a massive campfire. It was the final evening of what had been one of the most fun weekends I'd ever had with my closest circle of friends. Having just graduated from college, we were all heading into that dreadfully long phase of life called adulthood. I myself was the proud owner of a bachelor's degree in science and was preparing to start my first job in a medical laboratory in three weeks.

"Planned as a celebration, a last hurrah before we all officially became grown—ups, the weekend had been spent hiking the trails and swimming the lake, with the guys unsuccessfully daring us girls to skinny—dip. We'd played and argued over various board and card games on the ageing picnic tables provided by the campground, and concluded each day in drunken revelry round the campfire. Feeling tired but oddly content, I allowed myself to become lost in my thoughts, surrounded by some of the people I cared for most in this world, while they exchanged stories of what would soon be known as 'the good old days'. I was looking forward to seeing what the future held for us, what the future held for me. Well, for the most part anyway. One particular aspect of my future wasn't looking so good, and I'd spent the better part of the weekend trying to convince myself that the time had come to make a very difficult decision.

"Where's the chocolate at? I need another s'more!" Mark's sudden and loud announcement jarred me from my deep thoughts. He stood up and walked over to the picnic table, knocking over unoccupied fold—up camp chairs and spilling beers in the process. I couldn't help but laugh at the wake of destruction my Hulkish friend had left in his quest for more chocolate.

"Dude! Watch where you're going!" Damien protested, jumping to his feet after his leg was soaked with beer. "These were the only dry jeans I had left here. Damn!"

"Not anymore." I smirked at him, and he replied with a middle finger. I waved my metal hot dog roaster at Mark. "Hey, Mac—daddy, will you hook me up with a couple more marshmallows?"

"He grinned at my years—old nickname for him and brought over the bag, plopping down in the chair next to me. "Anything for you, Sexy Lexi."

"You two are twenty—two years old, how much longer are you going to call each other those dumb fucking names?" groaned Natalie, Mark's girlfriend. Scowling, she stretched her long legs to bring her feet closer to the fire. Though she and Mark were very much an item now and had been for nearly two years, she hated the fact that for four months in eighth grade, Mark and I had been together. We'd broken up, become the best of friends, and, to her chagrin, the pet names Mark and I had called each other through our short—lived romantic relationship had stuck throughout our mostly platonic one.

Author Bios:
Madelynne Ellis
I'm Madelynne Ellis, a British author of erotica and erotic romance. I started writing after a friend picked up the Black Lace book I was reading and suggested that I should have a go. The rest is history. My first novel, A Gentleman's Wager, appeared in 2003, published by Black Lace. I've continued to put out titles from that point, branching out into contemporary and urban fantasy in addition to Georgian historical settings.

As for my interests... Well, I have a healthy obsession with a certain Japanese rock-star, I drink decaf, and I get a kick out of scaring the wobblies out of people at gothic horror events.

Nan Comargue
Nan Comargue is a thirtysomething romance and erotic romance writer who has been reading romance novels all her life. She prefers sexy confident heroes who win over slightly introverted heroines (read: nerdish types) but she writes about everything from angel-warriors to cowboy ménage.
Nan blogs about her writing journey and other interesting topics (zombies!).
Nan is Canadian, eh? So naturally she's written a contemporary romance with a professional hockey player as the hero (and a librarian as the heroine).

Morticia Knight
Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys a good saucy M/M or M/M/F tale, whether it is contemporary, paranormal, historical, Sci-fi or BDSM - she loves it all! One of her passions is bringing people's fantasies to life on the page, because life is too short for even one boring moment. Her stories are volcanic in heat, deep in emotion, and sprinkled with doses of humor. When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She is currently working on a seven-book series called Gin & Jazz set in 1920's Hollywood, and Uniform Encounters 4.

Jordyn McKenzie
By day, she works a 9-ish-to-5-ish desk job. When night falls, and the house is quiet and calm, she puts pencil to paper, fingers to keyboard, and hoists her Freak Flag as high as it will go.
Having dabbled in writing since her t'weens, a recently realised knack for telling a titillating tale spurred Jordyn's decision to share her talent with the world. Strong, sassy women, roughneck men, and snarky dialogue are Jordyn's specialty. Her number one goal ? to entertain YOU, dear reader.
Jordyn enjoys good wine, better whisky, and the occasional belly laugh with her best friends; not necessarily in that order, but even better when they're all combined.

Shannon Peters
Shannon Peters lives in Sydney with her wonderfully supportive husband, two darling daughters and an inquisitive beagle. Ever since she can remember she has enjoyed reading stories that transport her to another world, and is now hoping to bring the same exciting reading experience to others.

Fleur T Reid
Fleur T Reid is a romantic at heart, who thinks what the world needs is more whimsy. She lives partly in England but mostly in Cyberspace. She enjoys dreadful puns and naughty MF and ménage stories, and believes the best way to have a good time is by being bad.

Madelynne Ellis

Nan Comargue

Morticia Knight

Jordyn McKenzie

Shannon Peters

Fleur T Reid


Love Struck by Patrice Wilton

Title: Love Struck
Author: Patrice Wilton
Series: Serendipity Falls #3
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 21, 2014
Can Samantha and Kyle resist their attraction and find a way to save the town? The "love bug curse" and the discovery of gold has turned Serendipity Falls into a place where no one is safe.

I'm Cupid, and for those who don't know about me, I reside in what used to be a beautiful little town in the foothills of Mammoth, California, called Serendipity Falls. You have to forgive me for being less upbeat than usual, but my heart is broken. This once idyllic town has been overrun by people who have no concept of the true meaning of love. For the past several years I took great joy uniting couples in matrimonial bliss, and was very proud of the fact that while weddings abounded, divorces became extinct. Then my ego got the better of me, and I drew attention to myself. People flocked to Serendipity Falls to find love and the truth behind the so called 'love bug' in the spring water. Of course, you and I know that no such bug existed--it was just me up to my old tricks.
The news carried wide and far, and reporters came to our neck of the woods, eager to learn what the phenomenon was about--this wedding fever that drove strangers toward the altar. Oh, I had been so proud. Even won the National Cupid for Excellence three years running.
So what am I complaining about, you ask? Well, last year one of these reporters fell in love with one of our local girls. Yes, I had a little hand in that. I'm not sorry and make no apologies either. They were right for each other, and I never--not once--unite couples who are not a perfect match.
Well, this young buck didn't discover any 'love bug'--instead he discovered gold behind the falls. His story drew national attention and opened up an unsavory can of worms. People flocked to our little paradise, men seeking their fortune in gold--women seeking husbands.
This is where my ambling story takes an unfortunate turn.  You see-the women are desperate and have resorted to the most unladylike behavior--fighting one another, setting traps for men. Hundreds arrive by busloads each month, and with Valentine's Day approaching, I fear a thousand more will get here soon.
The sad truth is that they have no idea what love is. The meaning of love has been forgotten, or perhaps in some cases, never learned.
With a heavy heart, I watch and pray that common sense will prevail and the crazy antics will stop. Until that day happens, I am going to retire my trusty bow and arrow. I want no part of this.
Love cannot be forced. It cannot be controlled. It cannot be tricked, or trapped. Love is setting someone free, and wanting that person's happiness more than their own. It is unselfish. It is considerate and caring. And it is the essence of joy.
    When those lessons have been learned I will embrace my love making skills again, but until then silence will be my answer.  

Kyle wiped down a spill on the bar as his brother Devon slammed the register closed. “What’s the matter with you?” Kyle asked, dropping the beer stained towel in the small bar sink.
"Just tired. It was another good night, though, so I can’t complain." Devon rubbed his bad knee as he eyed the crowd around the two pool tables. "And pretty quiet, all things considered."
"Not quiet enough. I gave those guys ‘last call’ twenty minutes ago, but don't see anyone making a move." Kyle didn't care for the new crowd. The regulars were a different bunch, but lately the place was swarming with guys who wanted to get lucky with women, or had come to town in search of gold. Either way they were rude and obnoxious.
"We'll give them another fifteen, then pull the plug. I told Tara I'd be home before midnight. She hates me driving so late--ever since that city slicker missed the bend, and flew over the cliff. I told her a zillion times that he wasn't a local and didn't know the turns, but she worries anyway."
"That's what women do--worry." Kyle grinned, still shocked that his older brother had happily taken the marital plunge. "One of the many reasons I don't go there. I'd hate to see a gorgeous gal like Tara get gray hairs over me."
"As if! When was the last time you went on a date? Three, four months ago?" He scoffed. "You must be the biggest chicken in town." Devon flapped his arms, which looked kind of silly for a macho, six foot two,  muscular guy. "Cluck, cluck, cluck."
"Very funny." Kyle snorted and continued to stack the beer glasses. "I'm no fool. Like things just the way they are."
As he spoke the words, he realized they weren't true. He'd enjoyed Mammoth and the quaint little town of Serendipity when they’d been peaceful and quiet. That life was gone forever. Ever since gold was discovered last spring behind the falls, the place exploded and became a boomtown. Crazies flocked into the area--women camping out, looking for their future husbands. Some actually carried lassoes in their big handbags, even snare traps. Scary shit.
The damn love bug thing is what drew Chase, who used to be a reporter for the San Francisco News, into the area in the first place. He didn’t discover the existence of the love bug in the spring water, but he did get the story of a lifetime. A meteor crash caused moldavite formations, which led him to the discovery of gold, of all damn things. Until Chase went searching for the source, everyone in Serendipity had been happy enough with the mysterious love bug theories.
For better or worse, Chase Carlton changed the dynamics. Not intentionally, of course. He was a stand-up guy, and had married their sister Mila last summer, then knocked her up to boot.
That mitigating factor made Kyle the only single O'Reilley left. He guarded his independence as though it was the American Declaration for equality and liberty, and it might slip away any second. Not that he had any complaints because his siblings were happy, but he doubted it was the water, or something magical in the mountain air that had brought them together. Watching Devon with Tara, and Mila with Chase, he could see their love was real.
“I can’t really blame you for running scared,” Devon said. "Did you see that busload of women on the news earlier?”
“Getting off at the mall, wearing ‘MARRY ME' t-shirts?” Kyle sighed. “Yeah. The reporter said the ladies hope to be hitched by Valentine’s Day.”
“Damn. I nearly forgot. That's coming up soon."
“Can't forget, bro,” Kyle laughed. “It's two weeks from now. Better buy Tara flowers or something pretty."
"I'm sure she'll give me a hint. She likes to make life easy."
"You got lucky, but the rest of us...heck, all the good women are gone." There were days when Kyle thought about moving to Hawaii. At least the locals only had erupting volcanoes to worry about. And a possible Tsunami, which seemed mild in comparison to what he dealt with on a daily basis.
As a single man, and not exactly unattractive, he had to keep his head low and his fly zipped. He was the most endangered species around. Far more threatened than the Bald Eagle or the Giant Panda.
He and Dev ran the most popular bar in town, and with all those hungry, single babes, well, the place got hot. Cat fights broke out whenever an unsuspecting new guy appeared. They'd had to hire a bodyguard/bartender named Flex, and he helped put out the fires, but the two brothers had also become adept at squashing brawls before the place got wrecked.
Devon sighed, staring at the group still playing pool as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Things sure have changed from a few years ago.”
“Are you sorry you didn't listen to me when I tried to talk you into selling?”
“No. Not at all. We got lucky,” Devon shook his head. “Finances were tight as hell. But then the boom came. Saved our asses.”
“Bad part is that with the cash came the crazies.” Kyle shrugged his shoulders. "One problem got solved, but others took its place. Gotta fight the IRS, who want to get their greedy hands on the profits, and then we have these, these..." he sputtered, searching for the right word. "These men-eating women!"
Devon just laughed. "I remember the time you'd have thought you'd died and gone to heaven with all the young ladies chasing you."
"Key word is ladies. That's not what we've got here."
The clock ticked at 10:55 p.m. “Closing time,” he called out, loud enough for everyone to here. “I'll lock up," he said quietly to Devon, and headed toward the door.
Halfway there, the door swung open and a pretty young woman strolled in. Pretty was a vast understatement. She looked like she came from Sweden or Norway with her thick blonde mane of hair falling straight past her shoulders. In any language, she was a knockout. Striking blue eyes--as clear and wide as the lake near the falls.
She brushed past him without making eye contact and headed straight for the bar. He followed her, his eyes on the curve of her hips. Nice ass. And long, forever legs.
Normally this time of year heavy winter coats hid a woman's best assets, but she wore jeans and a short leather jacket. Kyle allowed himself a moment's appreciation.
"I'll have a Chardonnay, please." She slid onto the stool, putting both elbows on the bar, supporting her head with her hands.
Kyle eyed her for a moment. She was either exhausted or drunk. Either way, he didn't intend on serving her. Knockout or no knockout. "Sorry, Miss. But we're just closing." He jerked his thumb at the clock on the wall. "Eleven o'clock."
She popped open an eye, squinted and looked at the clock behind the bar. "It's five to. I'll drink fast."
Kyle leaned in her direction, wondering if there would be tell-tale signs of booze on her breath. You all right? Haven't been drinking, have you?"
Devon coughed into his fist at Kyle’s rude remark, but Kyle shrugged. He rinsed the towel from the sink, and started wiping the bar down. Last thing they needed was to be found negligible serving a minor, or someone who'd had too much to drink and wrapped themselves around a pole.
She pulled herself up, lifted her chin and shot him a look that should have sent him straight to hell. "I haven't had anything but water all day." Her voice quivered, and her blue eyes shimmered.
Kyle felt his resolve melt as he watched the tears appear.
"I've been driving for darn near sixteen hours straight. Got to Serendipity Falls and they'd given away my room for the night. Said I was late and they couldn't hold my reservation."
"That's rotten luck. You probably should have called to let them know you were on your way," Kyle said, taking some of the asshole out of his voice.
She ignored his not-so-helpful comment. "I ran around everywhere. Not one single room to be found." She sniffed and tried to smile, but the attempt failed dismally. "Now give me that drink, or I'm likely to have a meltdown right here and now."
Kyle, feeling like a jerk, looked at Devon, who nodded. "You need something to eat? We've got bar snacks. Not much, I'm afraid, but our hotdogs are pretty good."
"That's nice of you, but no. I grabbed a bite to eat at the diner before driving up here. The one that overlooks the falls." She wiped away a tear that had seeped out the corner of her eye and trickled down her cheek. "The waitress there, Sue something, she gave me a big bowl of home-made chili and fresh baked bread."
"Sue Burke's a heck of a nice woman," Kyle said, pouring a generous glass of wine and sliding it over to her. "Also makes the best soups in town."
"Uh-huh." She plopped her head in her hand again, as if too tired to hold it up. "Would have had my wine there, but I didn't know how far up the mountain I had to go."
"Good thing. The road can be dangerous at night." Kyle normally didn't engage in conversation with pretty young women, but she seemed more interested in her glass of wine, so he relaxed his guard a notch. "Take your time. We'll need to start moving our customers toward the door soon. Probably won't empty out until half past, sometimes closer to midnight."
She nodded, thanked him, and took a long swallow. Then another. "I still need to find a place to sleep." She glanced around at the twenty or so people hanging around. "You know of a cheap motel where I can stay?"
Devon stopped rinsing glasses and stepped forward. "I do. My place."
    Her eyes widened. "I'm desperate, but not that desperate. Besides, I'm not that kind of girl."
Devon laughed. "My wife and I own a B&B. Someone checked out this morning. We have one room which might still be available. I'd have to check with Tara to be sure."
"Please do. That would be great."
Devon walked to the other side of the bar to make the call.
Kyle couldn't seem to get his feet moving. He wasn't sure why, but this woman's plight struck a chord in him. "Things will work out," he told her. "If not Devon's, I'll call around and find you a place."
"Why are you being so kind all of a sudden?" Her eyes grazed his face, and she frowned. "No one goes out of their way for strangers. There's always an angle."
"They do here in Mammoth and down in Serendipity Falls. It's the friendliest place in the nation. At least, it used to be."
"So I heard, but not for me tonight."
"Give it some time. You'll see."
"Hey, Kyle. Another Cosmo before you close down," someone shouted from the back of the room.
"You've had enough," Kyle shouted back. "Closing time, folks.  Drink up and drive safely. We'll see you all back here tomorrow."
Over the boos and hisses, a male voice spoke up. "You just served the lady a drink. One more round. Come on," he coaxed. "One last call."
"Last call was a half hour ago. Maybe you didn't hear it."
Devon was on the phone with Tara, and he put his hand to his throat, telling Kyle to cut them off.
"We're done here, folks." Kyle raised his voice. "It's quitting time."
"I'm sorry. If I hadn't come in..." the pretty woman spoke softly, and lifted her eyes. Kyle saw the two blue ponds brimming with tears.
Kyle could see she was close to losing it. The long drive. Hotel room gone. It had been a hellova day and she looked set for a weeping jag. "Don't be. They're always one or two assholes in the crowd."
Devon came back with a smile. "You're in luck. We've still got one room, and my wife, Tara, is holding it for you. You can follow me when I leave. It's about half way between us and Serendipity."
“Back the other way?” She took another sip of her wine, her expression cautious. "Perhaps I'd better stay in town." She fingered the stem of her glass. "Not that I'm not grateful. know."
She shrugged but her eyes said it all. She didn't know him, and hesitated over trusting him.
Devon rested his hip against the bar. "It's getting late, and you don't want to be running all over town looking for a room, do you?"
A guy with a ponytail and a baseball cap stood leaning against a pole, where he'd been watching her with drunken interest. He stepped closer and put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, girl. If you're looking for a bed tonight, you can share mine." He laughed. "Don't need to worry about a jealous wife. Ain't got one."
"Back off, Billy. Go home. You've had enough beer for one night," Kyle told him, his jaw set.
"Mind your own business, Kyle. I'm about to get lucky with this pretty lady here." His arm tightened around her shoulders and he pulled her close. He smiled, breathing fumes into her face. "If you're here to find a man, you don't need to look any further."
She shrugged his arm off of her, and twisted away. "I'm not looking for a man. Just a hotel room."
"A pretty thing like you shouldn't be alone tonight." Billy said with a leer. "I'll give you a good old-fashioned welcome. Show you how friendly us locals can be."
“Enough,” Kyle said, annoyed that this woman was getting harassed in his bar. He poured half a beer and beckoned Billy. As soon as the guy was close enough, Kyle popped him on the jaw and watched him stagger back.  "That's no way to treat a lady. Now, get out."
Billy recovered quickly and came after Kyle, who stepped out of arm range, and danced light on his feet like a prize fighter. Billy continued to flail his arms, attempting in his inebriated state to reach Kyle, who should have known better than to taunt him with tight jabs and fancy footwork. Just maybe he was showing off a little.
"You had enough?" Kyle said, putting down his hands. "Why don't you go home and sleep it off."
"Just about done." Billy, cross-eyed, delivered a right hook, which Kyle managed to dodge. After that everything happened in slow motion.
The shot directed at Kyle's chin missed its mark, connecting with the woman at the bar. She cried out, and toppled off the barstool.
Devon moved quickly, grabbing Billy by his ponytail and forcefully taking him out to the street. Kyle leaped into action, crouching at the woman's side. Remorse, anger, and shame warred inside of him. He'd been a fool to taunt Billy. And this poor girl had taken the brunt of the fist. A damn fine welcome she'd had in this once friendly town.
"I'm sorry. This is entirely my fault." He touched her shining hair, wanting to do something crazy, like take her in his arms and hold her tight. Poor kid. Her bad day had just gotten a whole lot worse.
She shook his hand off and edged away.
"Are you all right?" he asked gently. "That fist was meant for me. You didn't deserve it." She was scrunched over and he couldn't see her face.
He stood, offering her his hand. She didn't take it.
"He just grazed me,” she whispered. “But it was the shock that scared me." She stood up slowly, brushing off her jeans, and then pushed her hair out of her eyes. They were wide, alert, but not frightened.
"Are you sure?" He touched her chin gently, turning her face from side to side, inspecting it for bruises. "It's a little pink, right here," he touched the side of her cheek. His voice sounded weird to his own ears. He cleared his throat. "Is it sore?"
"No." She shook her head. "I'm not hurt."
"Damn." He'd known Billy for years, and had never seen him act out before. He'd had more to drink than normal, but that was no excuse for his actions tonight. "This place doesn't usually get rowdy, but with all the strangers lately, well, we never know what to expect."
"It's all right. I grew up with two brothers. I'm used to a few wild punches."
They stood close to each other, staring into each other's eyes. Kyle couldn't look away. Seemed like she couldn't either.
"What's your name?" He licked his dry lips, watching her mouth. He liked the shape of it. Lush, pink lips, slightly open. Kissable lips, a mouth that could drive a man crazy. Not Billy crazy, but thinking about how fine they'd taste, and how he'd like to suck on that bottom lip...
"It's Samantha," she said in a husky voice, as if she were having trouble breathing. "I go by Sam."
"Nice to meet you, Sam. I'm Kyle O'Reilley, and that's my brother, Devon. You can trust him. He and Tara will take good care of you, I promise."
"You've both been so kind," she said, putting her hand to her throat. “Devon, thanks for calling your wife. What about you, Kyle? Married?”
Kyle took an instinctive step backward, seeing the overly-bright sheen in her eyes. His body reacted to her husky voice. Not good, man. Not good.
His antenna went on full survival alert. "Well, Sam, truth is, when it comes to single women and husband shopping, I'm a little gun shy."

Author Bio:
Patrice Wilton knew from the age of twelve that she wanted to write books that would take the reader to faraway places. She was born in Vancouver, Canada, and had a great need to see the world that she had read about.

Patrice became a flight attendant for seventeen years and traveled the world. At the age of forty she sat down to write her first book—in longhand! Her interests include tennis, golf, and writing stories for women of all ages.

She is the proud mother of two, has four lovely grand-daughters, and a wonderful man at her side. They live in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he teaches her golf, and she teaches him patience. She is a USA Today Best Selling author.


Love Struck

Serendipity Falls Box Set

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Promo Stars Author Spotlight: R.E.S. Tidmore

Meet R.E.S. Tidmore

R.E.S. Tidmore is the author of the Awakener series, the Verbecks of Idaho, and Managing Mayhem. She has written for over ten years and has begun to self-publish the previous two. Writing was never something she thought she would do since having dyslexia. Spell and grammar were never her friends. 
It wasn’t until college that she was exposed to creative writing and fell in love. She learned good spelling and grammar weren’t the only things that made you a writer; although it helped, you had to be about to tell a story. And telling stories was simply part of who she was. As a child she found many of life's little events needed zing and that zing landed her in the principal’s office more than once, with her mother sitting next to her, bottom eyelid twitching.
She is a mother of three kids and a navy wife. Writing is her passion that has helped her through many of her husband’s deployments. She loves running marathons and half marathons with her husband and friends. She enjoys the quiet moments of her day where she can sit and recharge.



Title: Awaken
Series: The Awakener Series
Author: R.E.S. Tidmore
Publication Date: October 15, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Searching for a way to help her best friend, Rachel, through a psychological break, Lily McMaster travels to a small town where she must seek a guide into the backcountry of Northern Idaho. But before she can start her journey, Lily begins to have hallucinations, causing a crippling bloodheat that threatens to tear her in two. Are the hallucinations a glimpse of her own psychological break with reality? Or could they be glimpses into a past she might share with the hard, muscled warrior who guides her? As she and her companions travel to the site of both her past and future, she discovers the bloodheat foretells the coming of her birthright as the Awakener of Souls, and the man who walks by her side holds the key to her salvation.


Title: Bliss
Author: RES Tidmore
Series: Managing Mayhem #1
Publication Date: June 23, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Maddox Bliss—a navy chief, bar owner, and mayhem manager—has sworn off women until retirement when in walks River Connelly, a stubborn beauty with no experience applying for a bartender position. Forced to hire her by his pregnant sister, Bliss gives River a chance to prove herself. Little does he know she's the sister of Mathew Wagner—brother by bond—who recently died in a car accident, and Bliss feels responsible for his death.


Title: Midnight's Dream
Author: RES Tidmore
Series: The Verbecks of Idaho #1
Publication Date: June 6, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Emma Verbeck, the shy sister in the Verbeck family, struggles to be seen as a woman and doctor, not the timid child everyone in her hometown remembers. Frustrated with her inability to stand up for herself, she finds herself intrigued by the arrival of a handsome outsider. Logan Miller has recently returned home due to his father’s poor health, but when Emma finds she’s falling fast for the outsider, she discovers the handsome man is off-limits. He’s the man her family blames for the death of her brother that occurred years before. Suddenly, she’s in over her head, caught between the brothers she loves and the man who offers her a future.



Midnight Dream

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Flawed and Dangerous by Emily Krat

Title: Flawed and Damaged
Author: Emily Krat
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 22, 2014
Two people haunted by their past…
The collision of two damaged hearts…
Meet Elizabeth Williams. She is at the airport on an important work assignment. If everything goes smoothly, after three years of hard work, she’ll get a promotion and a much-needed raise. Elizabeth is putting her life back on track after it was ripped out from under her feet four years ago when she lost her parents along with all her dreams. Standing here, she believes her life is going to change for the better any moment now. Nothing can go wrong, right?
Meet Ryan Price. He came to Moscow on business. Right now, Ryan is standing at the airport looking at a ‘present’ from his brother, judging by the sign a beautiful young woman is holding. Damn his brother for not cancelling this arrangement as Ryan asked.
Miscommunications and misunderstandings and a brilliant but painful love story begins.
There will be a scary flight, lovely breakfasts, long evening conversations, sharing a secret or two, discovering one another, a lot of laughter, tender moments and some tears, a fight and, of course, the I-am-ready-for-the-end-of-the-world kiss.
Somewhere along the way, they won’t be able to fight their feelings any longer.
For the first time in his life, Ryan will experience a different shade of lust. And for the first time in her life, Elizabeth will have to trust despite all of the times she has been hurt.
Will these two wounded lost souls find love, peace and comfort in each other or will they just break each other more? Is it a train wreck of a love story or a happily ever after?

     “Ryan, I love you.” He looks confused, but relief is evident in his eyes, so I continue. “It was wrong of me to tell you about my feelings like I did yesterday. I was being a coward. I’m glad you shared all this with me. I won’t run, Ryan.”
     “But, I don’t understand. How can you love me? Even after I told you about what I’ve done … How can you love someone so … horrible?” he says bitterly.
     “You are not horrible, Ryan. I know it. I feel it.”
     “How?” The desperation in his voice squeezes my chest.
     I stare into the deep green pools that are his eyes and wonder how I can show him what I see.
     “In here,” I point to my heart, “I believe my heart. And from what you told me, I can tell that you had no family except Mark. You were a kid at thirteen who didn’t want to lose his brother, you were a young man who sacrificed his own freedom for someone he loved the most. Now you are a big business mogul who may be harsh toward his employees, but puts them first even when seeking revenge. It’s an honor for me to love someone as devoted as you.”
     “Liz, I’ve lied – ” I interrupt him.
     “We are people, Ryan. We all make mistakes. You think I’m so pure? I wanted to use David to stay in Seattle. I agreed to marry someone for my own selfish reasons. Then I came to Russia and spent more than six months making my Granny’s life a living hell. She lost her only daughter. I never once thought about her feelings. She was old, she needed my care, and all I did was sulk for my old life. Even with you, how do you know I’m not using you? Maybe I just like this sense of fulfillment I feel with you that overwhelms the loneliness I've felt for so long. I am not a saint, Ryan. I also did awful things.”
     Ryan contemplates my words for several minutes. Then says quietly, “I lied to you.”
     I sigh. Now I don’t like the direction this conversation is taking. “You already told me that you didn’t need an assistant. There’s more?”
     “I read your journal.” 
     The blood drains from my face.
     “You what?” My voice trembles.
     “When we were in Nice – the night you got drunk with Mark – I saw your notebook and I read it.”
     “I … I …” No words come out of my mouth because I don’t have any. I can’t believe he did it. I wrote my sacred thoughts there, poured some raw feelings on those pages. They were never meant for anyone’s eyes other than mine.
     “I’m sorry I did it. I was at a loss, I couldn’t understand what I was feeling for you.”
     “So you read my journal to understand yourself? Ryan, it’s private. I poured my soul there. How could you do this?” I may be screaming now, but I don’t care. Some boundaries can’t be crossed.
     “That’s who I am, Elizabeth. I don’t care about people’s privacy.”
     “I’m so mad at you right now. I don’t even know what to say. Is that all?”
     Oh God!
     “Tell me.” He almost looks scared. That’s when I know there are so many more lies he doesn’t want to tell me about. “Now, Ryan. You are going to tell me every damn thing. You owe me this.”

Author Bio:
Always an avid reader who consumes whole books in a single day, Emily Krat is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page. For her writing stories and developing ideas for novels is a true passion and a dream come true.
Emily is a chocolate junkie, “Grey’s Anatomy” fan, and admirer of good music. She loves summer rains, warm blankets on cold winter nights, as well as traveling, sleeping in late, watching TV shows, cooking, and baking. When she’s not writing or rewriting, she loves spending time with family and friends.