Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lessons in Power (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries #4) by Charlie Cochrane

The ghosts of the past will shape your future. Unless you fight them.

Cambridge, 1907

After settling in their new home, Cambridge dons Orlando Coppersmith and Jonty Stewart are looking forward to nothing more exciting than teaching their students and playing rugby. Their plans change when a friend asks their help to clear an old flame who stands accused of murder.

Doing the right thing means Jonty and Orlando must leave the sheltering walls of St. Bride’s to enter a labyrinth of suspects and suspicions, lies and anguish.

Their investigation raises ghosts from Jonty’s past when the murder victim turns out to be one of the men who sexually abused him at school. The trauma forces Jonty to withdraw behind a wall of painful memories. And Orlando fears he may forever lose the intimacy of his best friend and lover.

When another one of Jonty’s abusers is found dead, police suspicion falls on the Cambridge fellows themselves. Finding this murderer becomes a race to solve the crime…before it destroys Jonty’s fragile                                                                              state of mind.

Another great Jonty and Orlando tale.  My heart was breaking for Jonty having to relive the ordeals he suffered in his earlier years.  My heart also ached for Orlando having to watch the man he loved relive those horrors and not be able to help other than be there for him.  Which of course meant more than Orlando realized it did.  This mystery hitting so close to home again brings in Mama and Papa Stewart in loving and interesting ways.  Mrs. Stewart may be a woman of her time but she isn't one to be scoffed at either, she's a delight to read.  Off to start number five.


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