Friday, July 11, 2014

The Dark Horse & The White Knight by Josh Lanyon

The Dark Horse
Paul Hammond is dead. That's what tough and sexy LAPD Detective Daniel Moran tells his lover, Hollywood actor Sean Fairchild--and Sean wants to believe him, but what about those threatening postcards in Hammond's handwriting? The last thing Sean needs is someone doubting him. But then, what does Sean really know about his new boyfriend? Dan is a dark horse--and maybe Sean is betting too much on this relationship. He can't afford to take foolish chances. It not just Sean's career at stake or his relationship or even his sanity--it's his life.

Rating:   5 Stars

The White Knight
Actor Sean Fairchild has a not-so-secret admirer: a psycho stalker who thinks taking out the sexy, shy young actor will leave the world a better place. His manager insists Sean needs protection, and Sean's beginning to think he's right.

It's a Hollywood cliché: the hot and handsome bodyguard. But in the case of LAPD Detective Daniel Moran, it's all true. Dan is everything Sean ever wanted in a leading man, but Dan's kind of an old-fashioned guy. It's his job to keep Sean safe and in one piece--happy is someone else's problem.

As tension mounts, Sean can't help turning to Dan, while Dan is finding it harder and harder to say no. Their only chance of a happy ending is if Dan can keep Sean alive--but what happens when he uncovers the secrets Sean is trying hard to conceal?

Rating:   5 Stars

Series Review:
Sean captures your heart with his sincerity and his hometown wholesomeness.  Dan certainly captures your attention with his take charge bodyguard yet heartfelt attitude.  The mystery keeps you guessing throughout both books as it is interwoven wonderfully with Sean and Dan's romance and their professional lives.  The supporting characters only heighten the mystery as well as strengthen Sean and Dan's characters both individually and as a couple.  I would definitely not turn down another story featuring these two lovebirds.

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